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The Water is Waiting

The water makes its way up the dusty hill. Under the dry Ugandan soil – under the deep, thick African brush until it reaches a tank at the top overlooking the valley below.

The tank can store enough water to help meet the needs of all the children on campus … and the needs of the children who have yet to come.

Today was a special day … one I have waited for. A day that represents birthdays, Christmases and special occasions where water was chosen instead of gifts. Where life was chosen instead of instant gratification.

Of all the places in the world where my family’s well could have been placed, I could not think of a better location than this – just steps away from the three new rescue homes we are hoping to provide. These three homes will care for 40 more children – children who are abandoned, malnourished and in desperate need. The center is at capacity now and without these new homes, children will have to be turned away.

World Help Africa

The need for clean water is great in Africa and around the world. It is a perfect starting point when trying to address the overwhelming needs of extreme poverty. It changes all aspects of life – education, economy and health.

Usually, people around the world are waiting for the life-changing effects of clean water.

But in this case … the water is waiting.

Waiting for more babies – waiting to bathe them, clean them, feed them, refresh them … restore them.

The water is waiting.

World Help Rescue Homes

We are over halfway toward meeting our first goal to provide a new rescue home that will take care of 10 more children. Help us reach our goal today. Click below to learn more and to join the rescue.

World Help Rescue Homes Donate

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  1. Darlene Collazo
    Darlene Collazo says:

    Noel how wonderful to see that the water is there. It’s available. It’s ready. Another display of God’s provision. All that’s left is our part. Sharing this campaign on social media believing God’s people will do their part to make this happen. Sending my love and prayers, friend!


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