So Much More Than a One Night Stand

“We step into freedom. We step into all He has for us.” (Bethel Music)

It is ironic to me that the same month as I have been focusing so much on freedom I will also be launching my oldest son out into the world as he graduates from high school in just a few days.

And it makes me think of Om.

I met her in a bar on the street of Bangkok. She works in the sex industry and as she shared her story I was surprised to hear that she was only a few years younger than myself. She also shared that she had a son the same age as my own. And for just a brief moment, I felt like we had so much in common. For that moment, we were both just mothers who loved their sons.

girl Noel met in bar (1)

And then it hit me that our lives could not be further apart. We both want the same things for our sons and want to give them the best future possible. But, I have options and resources to do just that. She has little to no options at all. Poverty has robbed her of any choice but the streets.

Her story impacted me then, and this week as I prepare to attend my son’s graduation and celebrate that special day, it hits me in a whole different way.

Last Friday people from all walks of life and all across the country took a one-night stand for freedom – giving up what they would have spent on entertainment for one night to help set a girl free.

This was such an important and powerful night as we gave a voice to the voiceless and shined a spotlight on an issue few rarely even speak of.

The ugly truth is that we live in a world where in too many places women and young girls are still exploited. Maybe that exploitation doesn’t affect you directly … but maybe it should.

If we were more “affected” perhaps we would do more about it … talk more about it …. raise our voices more about it … and demand that the world change. And when I think about all that could be done if more people simply cared, I start to imagine a very different world than we live in now.

A woman deserves the right to choose freedom. And not just for one night, but for every night and every day of her life.

Freedom is so much more than a one-night stand. It is something we should daily live out – longing for it, living it and passing it on.

Scripture tells us that it is for freedom that Christ has set us free.

Our freedom can truly set others free. And perhaps we can only live a free life, by setting others free.

We are rescued to rescue. Redeemed to redeem. Set free to set free.

Make any Friday your Freedom Friday. Take the pledge and learn more here.


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