Second Chances

We will never know what she was thinking the day she walked to the river with all her boys in tow. Perhaps she was suffering from depression or was mentally unstable. Maybe a life of extreme poverty had proven too much to bear. Whatever the reason, there was no excuse or explanation for what happened next.

One by one, she began to drown her children in the river.

I cannot imagine the screams, the kicking, the water splashing. Just picturing this scene in my head makes me sick to my stomach.

A neighbor saw what the mother was doing and ran to help but was only able to save one child . . . one-year-old Jimmy. She brought him to Danita’s Children where he has found a new life. He is now a healthy, happy little boy with so much life ahead of him.

This is just one of the many stories of rescue I could share with you. To be honest, I am simply overwhelmed with rescue stories. Each one more tragic than the last—but each one a complete transformation. And each one—represents a second chance.

Read more about my time in Haiti and watch
stories of lives being changed on World Help’s blog >


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