River Rescues

Today was an adventure and one I will never forget. I’ve done this before, but it never gets old and never gets any easier. We rescued 7 children today … 7 young lives. Their journey started hours away in the mountains and carried them all the way to a river bank where our group was waiting. We crossed the raging river … and I mean raging … to reach them.  (it had rained heavily the night before and the river was overflowing) The river was so rough that we had to wear life jackets. The waves in the water hit the side of the canoe with such force that the water came splashing in the boat – filthy water with trash and debris floating in it. I didn’t know what to be more afraid of – falling out of the boat and being dragged down the river, or having this filthy, contaminated water splash all over me or even get in my mouth. I was reminded that this is the same water the people in the surrounding communities bathe in, wash their clothes in and even … drink.

River Rescue in Guatemala

When we reached the other side we were met with 7 children and their families. Malnourishment, cerebral palsy, downs syndrome, breathing problems, pneumonia, scabies, parasites … these were just a few of the issues affecting these children.

They bravely entered the canoe with us and made it to the other side where an ambulance was waiting to take them to the rescue center.

River Rescues

Through Operation Baby Rescue, the stories of 7 children are being rewritten today. Our goal is to raise the funds to rescue 1,000 children by the end of this year … children just like the 7 we rescued today. Tomorrow (Thursday) we are hosting a live chat – live from the Baby Rescue Center and answering all your questions about Operation Baby Rescue. Tune in and learn how you can join the rescue.

Watch this short clip with the story of one of the children rescued.

Watch the video on Vimeo.

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