The Power of a Story

“It’s Jerry … It’s Jerry”.  Our team had barely arrived at Destiny Villages of Hope, before I heard these words … It’s Jerry! On the steps of the Baby Rescue Center we found the young boy who had captured our hearts long before. This little guy had no idea how famous he was and seemed oblivious to the fact that so many Americans recognized him. He didn’t know that it was his story that had inspired us … it was his story that compelled us to come.

You see, Jerry was featured on a Baby Rescue Video that told his story of abandonment in the slums of Katwe – and his incredible rescue.

Seeing Jerry made me realize the power a story can have.  One story can touch your heart. One story can inspire. One story can compel. One story can help change the world.

But the story of Jerry and really the story of the work here in Uganda, is part of a much bigger story … God’s story. I love this quote:

God is writing his story, and he invites us to write it with him … we become God’s missionary people by joining Christ in the story line of other’s lives. And this is the grand narrative that makes sense of life: God is reconciling the world to himself, and we are invited to join Him.  (Daniel Rickett) 

Over the next few days, we will be joining God’s story … writing with Him … writing the stories of hope. Will you join us?



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