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I am so excited to report that the Pattaya Home in Thailand is up and running and rescuing women and young girls who are desperate for a way out of the sex industry.  This home is a bright beacon of hope for these women who have no other options. 

Here is the latest story of a woman who has found refuge in our home:

Pin (not her real name) spent several years in the bars.  She was originally from an area of Thailand where she owned a business but lost it when the mafia demanded protection money.  She eventually moved to Bangkok where she opened a beauty salon but lost everything in a flood.

She could not afford uniforms, transportation, and books to keep her daughter in elementary school.  Desperate, she found “work” in Pattaya.  About two years later an American customer invited her to live with him.  She welcomed the support and the opportunity to be with her daughter in the evenings.  Then, she became pregnant.  He found out and kicked her out.  Desperate again, she returned to the bars until she could no longer work.   

“Then I heard about (the home in Pattaya) from my friend who was rescued by them. I heard that they provide shelter, vocational training, and other necessary things. I had no hesitation to move in and start my new life again.  One thing that I really regret is that if I just have known sooner, I would not have to end up in the bar.”

“Since my dream is to have my own hairdressing salon again, I intend to take an advanced hairdressing course after giving a birth … I hope I can stand on my own feet and be able to provide a good quality of life for my kids — especially giving them a good education.  I have learned from experience that without education, you tend to be taken advantage of by others. All the time.”

NIN- pattaya update 1

This is just one story of how we are charging into the darkness of the sex industry with the bright light of God’s love. Want to join the fight? 


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