Trafficking and the Sex Industry

Thailand is a major hub for victims of the sex industry both from rural, impoverished areas of the country and other nations with impoverished backgrounds. Women and young girls are forcibly taken or lured with promises of economic opportunity in cities like Pattaya which is home to at least 30,000-50,000 sex workers. The life of these young women is perilous. They are constantly at risk of disease, exploitation, abuse, drug dependency, malnutrition, and emotional trauma. The majority will remain uneducated, with no opportunity for a better life. Most are taught to believe that there is no other way they can provide for their families than to continue in the sex trade. It is seen both as their duty and destiny. These young girls are among the most vulnerable and exploited people on the face of the earth.


Cultural Slavery in the Banchara Community

In communities throughout India, sex slavery is synonymous with tradition. For over 500 years, beginning at the age of 12, life for young girls from the low-caste Banchara tribe has been deliberately structured to bear the weight of the family’s financial burden. Since the Banchara caste position severely limits economic opportunities, customs like Nari Mata, joining their mothers in a life of cultural slavery and prostitution, becomes their only method of survival.


Guatemala, Haiti, and Uganda

Poverty, combined with the lack of clean water, keeps millions of children in developing countries locked in the terrifying world of malnutrition. But Baby Rescue is changing that in countries like Guatemala, Uganda, and Haiti. This holistic initiative brings suffering children back to lasting health. With your help, we’re providing malnourished children with hope—one rescue at a time.


Maternal Health

Traditionally, Ethiopian girls get married and start bearing children very early, before their bodies have developed enough to sustain the burden of a baby. This makes the risk of stillbirth and birth-related injuries skyrocket. The condition, Obstetric Fistula, is the direct result of a prolonged, obstructed labor where, in most cases, the child’s life is ultimately lost and the mother sustains significant internal damage. Women suffering from birth-related injuries are identified and given access to reconstructive surgery, and empowering vocational training . . . and most importantly, taught the love of Jesus Christ.