Dirty Brook

Quebrada Sucia . . . is the name of a small, impoverished community in Guatemala. In Spanish, it literally means “dirty brook.”

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Located in a remote, arid region of Guatemala, the 250 residents living in this community continually struggle with low-water supplies. The dirty brook [ … ]

A Birthday Legacy

As a child I thought of my dad as an adventurer – Indiana Jones or Jacques Cousteau! He traveled around the world and brought me treasures from every location – wood carvings of giraffes, bracelets made out of zebra tails, and the stacking Russian matryoshka dolls.

But the best gift by far that he ever gave me … was taking me with him. I traveled overseas with my dad for the first time when I was only eleven years old to South Korea and the Philippines. It was on that trip that I first saw true poverty – both physical and spiritual. My eyes were opened, and I have never been able to close them since.

Too late?


I found Kevin in a dusty village in Guatemala. The home where he and his 8 family members live is nothing but a dirt floor and pieces of tin, sticks and tarps that make up his roof and walls.

At first glance, from a distance, you might think that he is just a chubby toddler, but as you get closer you realize something is terribly wrong. The cancer that is eating up his body has caused his kidneys to shut down and it has been more than a week since he has been able to produce more than a few drops of urine. He is severely bloated from head to toe [ … ]