Newsmax | Providing Girls in India With Another Option

For 500 years, one tribal group in northern India has relied on the prostitution of its oldest daughters as a key source of income. This tribe, known as the Banchara, is part of India’s lowest caste — the Dalits or “untouchables.” While all of the Banchara people suffer from discrimination, extreme poverty, and lack of […]


One word … I didn’t really choose a word for 2017. It chose me. And the word was: change. Although that seems too simple of a word. At times a better word would have been “stripped”. I read where someone wrote about a time in their life where “all that no longer fit had no choice […]

Only 25 More Girls

25 girls. Each one is a precious life that desperately needs to be introduced to Freedom. 25 names. 25 stories. 25 precious daughters, sisters, mothers…all trapped in the cultural slavery of the sex industry. This morning, I wanted to update you on our Hello, Freedom campaign. If you have been following along, you probably have […]