One word … I didn’t really choose a word for 2017. It chose me. And the word was: change. Although that seems too simple of a word. At times a better word would have been “stripped”. I read where someone wrote about a time in their life where “all that no longer fit had no choice but to fall away.” That captured my year and my heart perfectly. All that no longer fit, or all that I was holding on too tightly to … it had to go. It simply had to fall away.


Which brings me to 2018 where once again a word seems to be choosing me … align. You see, I am finding that now with all the change and the removal of all these things, I am left with a lot more clarity about the person I want to be, how I truly want to live my life, the things that I should hold on dearly to, and most importantly the work I believe God has prepared me for … and in order for me to be effective, all these things need to align.


Alignment can be defined in many ways – a position of agreement or alliance, to adapt, unification, consolidation, adjust and much more. But my favorite is this – an arrangement of items in a line. Doesn’t that sound lovely and so organized? And after a year of so much change, I could use a little stability and organization.


When I think of alignment – one of the first things that come to mind are my tires. We get our tires/wheels on our cars aligned, right? Well, not really. Here is an official definition I found on what alignment means from Bridgestone:


Alignment refers to an adjustment of a vehicle’s suspension – the system that connects a vehicle to its wheels. It is not an adjustment of the tires or wheels themselves. The key to proper alignment is adjusting the angles of the tires which affects how they make contact with the road.


So, it’s not really our wheels that are aligned, but rather the suspension– the very core of our vehicles– what connects our vehicle to the wheels. And, I love that … proper alignment is adjusting the ANGLES … so that our wheels make proper contact with the road.


You see, as much as I like things arranged in a straight line, all orderly and prepared, that’s just not how life goes, right? True life is full of ups and downs and curves in the road. There are mountains and valleys, twists and turns, bumps and pitfalls.


And without proper alignment, just like in my car, I’m going to start pulling to the left or right – off center – and off focus.


Alignment to me means making sure every part of my life is in a position of agreement with God – my marriage, my family, my work, my relationships, my goals and desires.


When I am in agreement with God at the very core of my life, and when my straight lines are aligned with Him, then I can be prepared for all the curves life may throw at me.

P.S. Want to dive deeper into this idea of alignment? My good friend, Michele-Lyn Ault of The Pointed Life has just launched a free online study on guess what … Alignment! And I can’t wait to dive in. Will you join me?


Only 25 More Girls

25 girls. Each one is a precious life that desperately needs to be introduced to Freedom.

25 names. 25 stories. 25 precious daughters, sisters, mothers…all trapped in the cultural slavery of the sex industry.

This morning, I wanted to update you on our Hello, Freedom campaign.

If you have been following along, you probably have seen that we are so close to meeting our goal of inviting 260 girls to our Freedom Night.


But there are still 25 girls that we need to invite.  And we only have until tomorrow to make sure these girls attend our Freedom Night.


This one night of Freedom could be the turning point in her life. A chance to change her entire future.



Hello, Freedom




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New Update: Pattaya Home


I am so excited to report that the Pattaya Home in Thailand is up and running and rescuing women and young girls who are desperate for a way out of the sex industry.  This home is a bright beacon of hope for these women who have no other options. 

Here is the latest story of a woman who has found refuge in our home:

Pin (not her real name) spent several years in the bars.  She was originally from an area of Thailand where she owned a business but lost it when the mafia demanded protection money.  She eventually moved to Bangkok where she opened a beauty salon but lost everything in a flood.

She could not afford uniforms, transportation, and books to keep her daughter in elementary school.  Desperate, she found “work” in Pattaya.  About two years later an American customer invited her to live with him.  She welcomed the support and the opportunity to be with her daughter in the evenings.  Then, she became pregnant.  He found out and kicked her out.  Desperate again, she returned to the bars until she could no longer work.   

“Then I heard about (the home in Pattaya) from my friend who was rescued by them. I heard that they provide shelter, vocational training, and other necessary things. I had no hesitation to move in and start my new life again.  One thing that I really regret is that if I just have known sooner, I would not have to end up in the bar.”

“Since my dream is to have my own hairdressing salon again, I intend to take an advanced hairdressing course after giving a birth … I hope I can stand on my own feet and be able to provide a good quality of life for my kids — especially giving them a good education.  I have learned from experience that without education, you tend to be taken advantage of by others. All the time.”

NIN- pattaya update 1

This is just one story of how we are charging into the darkness of the sex industry with the bright light of God’s love. Want to join the fight? 


So Much More Than a One Night Stand

“We step into freedom. We step into all He has for us.” (Bethel Music)

It is ironic to me that the same month as I have been focusing so much on freedom I will also be launching my oldest son out into the world as he graduates from high school in just a few days.

And it makes me think of Om.

I met her in a bar on the street of Bangkok. She works in the sex industry and as she shared her story I was surprised to hear that she was only a few years younger than myself. She also shared that she had a son the same age as my own. And for just a brief moment, I felt like we had so much in common. For that moment, we were both just mothers who loved their sons.

girl Noel met in bar (1)

And then it hit me that our lives could not be further apart. We both want the same things for our sons and want to give them the best future possible. But, I have options and resources to do just that. She has little to no options at all. Poverty has robbed her of any choice but the streets.

Her story impacted me then, and this week as I prepare to attend my son’s graduation and celebrate that special day, it hits me in a whole different way.

Last Friday people from all walks of life and all across the country took a one-night stand for freedom – giving up what they would have spent on entertainment for one night to help set a girl free.

This was such an important and powerful night as we gave a voice to the voiceless and shined a spotlight on an issue few rarely even speak of.

The ugly truth is that we live in a world where in too many places women and young girls are still exploited. Maybe that exploitation doesn’t affect you directly … but maybe it should.

If we were more “affected” perhaps we would do more about it … talk more about it …. raise our voices more about it … and demand that the world change. And when I think about all that could be done if more people simply cared, I start to imagine a very different world than we live in now.

A woman deserves the right to choose freedom. And not just for one night, but for every night and every day of her life.

Freedom is so much more than a one-night stand. It is something we should daily live out – longing for it, living it and passing it on.

Scripture tells us that it is for freedom that Christ has set us free.

Our freedom can truly set others free. And perhaps we can only live a free life, by setting others free.

We are rescued to rescue. Redeemed to redeem. Set free to set free.

Make any Friday your Freedom Friday. Take the pledge and learn more here.


I Will Be 214 the Day Women Achieve Income Equality

Two hundred fourteen: That’s how old I would be the day women across the world finally achieve income equality.

According to the World Economic Forum, we are 169 years away from the day the global economic gender gap is projected to close. The Swiss foundation even designed a calculator to determine how old you would be by the time this happens. Select your gender and country and date of birth, and not only will you see your projected age for that date, but also your country’s current information, by gender, on annual income, healthy life expectancy, the rates of labor force participation, and the percentage of literacy achievement.
Read more

What We Choose to See

Until recently, I had no idea I had glaucoma and to be honest that was a word I didn’t think I would be using or even thinking about at my age. I didn’t need glasses until I was in my early 30’s so this whole eye thing still feels relatively new to me.

When you have glaucoma, pressure can build up in your eyes and bring on what is called an “acute attack”. And without prompt medical treatment, you can lose your eyesight.

With my travels to remote parts of the world, I took this diagnosis a little more seriously. I didn’t want to be far from treatment in the event of one of these attacks.

So, today I go in for a minor eye procedure. It’s nothing too serious or life-threatening, but I am amazed at what I have learned from it already. This procedure will create slits in my eye, a drain so to speak, to relieve the pressure and prevent an acute attack. In other words, it will preserve my sight.

Days ago I returned from Thailand where walking the streets will open your eyes in a way you might not be prepared for. The red light districts are overwhelming. The streets are booming with wall to wall people, music is blaring and girls are being sold everywhere you turn. It is modern-day slavery in every sense of the word.

You see things you would rather not. Things that are shocking, degrading, heartbreaking, and infuriating. Things you could live your whole life without seeing and still be perfectly content.

When we have seen too much, we get overwhelmed and don’t know what to do with that feeling. It is as if we almost go blind to the need. It is simply too much pressure.

The pressure can build leaving you overwhelmed to the point that you just want to shut down. You become numb and can’t see anymore. You lose your sight … and you lose sight of the bigger picture.

And then you meet a young girl that you have the opportunity to help – a girl that has been rescued. And it is as if all that you have seen comes pouring out.

The pressure is relieved and your hope is restored. You regain your sight and can once again see the bigger picture of God’s redemptive plan and remember that he chooses to use you … if only you will choose to see.

Check with me tomorrow and I’ll let you know for sure, but I’m told that the first day after this procedure your eyes feel a little strange, a little itchy and uncomfortable. But, it should only last about a day. The recovery is pretty simple.

And isn’t that what happens when we truly embrace those dark and difficult places? It doesn’t feel quite right. It’s a little bit itchy and uncomfortable. We want to rub our eyes and make that feeling go away.

But, what if we allowed what we have seen to pour out – to literally drain out into the rest of our life? What if we embraced it, and shared it with others? I believe that is when the pressure is relieved and our sight is restored.

What we choose to see matters. It is the only way to bring about true change.


Click here to learn more about my work in Thailand and help bring freedom to girls trapped in the sex industry.