Awake Study: Do Good Now

Noel Yeatts in Haiti

“Inspiration is when your heart and soul get moved to the point of action”  -Anonymous

For the past six weeks we have been on “A Journey to Live Life Fully Awake.”  If you have missed any of the earlier posts, please check them out below.

I have loved reading these posts, hearing the comments and most of all seeing my words jump off the pages in a whole new light through fresh eyes.

But as this study comes to a close, maybe you are thinking—So, I’ve read the book…now what?  Maybe you are wondering where you go from here? Perhaps you feel like your eyes have been opened and you are more awake than ever. But, you still are not quite sure what to do with that. How does your life really change?

The easy thing to do is to finish the book, check it off your list of things to do, put it back on your shelf and move on.

But that would be easy. And are we really looking for easy?

I love this story from chapter 11:

A group of businessmen and women are riding up the side of the mountain in a gondola. It is unclear where they are going or why they are headed up the mountain, but it appears that they are on their way to a meeting. 

About halfway up, the gondola comes to a screeching halt. The car starts swinging back and forth high above the mountain. 

The people start to panic, and the women start to scream.

One man speaks up and says, “It’s OK guys – I’ve done a course … on positive thinking. Positive thought makes a positive impact.” He gets the others to start saying it with him: “Positive thought makes a positive impact. Positive thought makes a positive impact.”

 But one man is skeptical. As he watches them panicking and chanting their mantra, he looks around and sees a green button. He pushes the button, and the gondola starts smoothly moving up the mountain again.

 This Royal Bank of Scotland commercial ends with this phrase from the narrator: “Talk is no substitute for action.”

 I wrote a lot of words to produce this book. If you have made it to this point, you have read a lot of words. Perhaps you have even discussed what you read with someone else. But let me tell you what would be a tragedy. Let me tell you what would make this all useless: if that was all we did – write, read and talk. 

Real change requires action. There is no substitute for it.

I don’t consider myself talented enough to be a “real” blogger – not like many of you. But as bloggers, I think that is a danger we face – to just write, read, and talk. But that can’t be all. That can’t be the end.

Maybe we need to remember why it is so important to live our lives awake. If I had to narrow it down to one reason and really one word, it would be this: hope. So that we can restore hope in the lives of as many people as possible.

My dad shared some words on hope recently and here is part of what he said:

We hear the word hope used in all sorts of ways. We hear it used in clichés and in expressions of wishful thinking. We hear it used to describe a sense of expectancy or waiting. But seldom do we focus on what it means and why it matters.

Lesslie Newbiggin, was missionary to India who had quite a bit of contact with hopeless situations. He says in his book The Gospel in a Pluralist Society, “The distinguishing mark of the Christian community is hope.”

… It’s a gift, waiting to be received by all people, in all places, at all times.

A gift that empowers and frees . . . That lifts up and overcomes.

It’s help for today . . . and hope for tomorrow.

Hope changes everything. 

And so today, as you are processing Awake and as you are discovering the passion God has already placed inside you – I want to share an opportunity with you to bring hope. I want to introduce you to Gifts of Hope–a great first step to getting involved and taking action today.

Watch this powerful short video below. I think you will see the effects of living your life Awake and the difference hope can make. As we begin the holiday season, this year Christmas can be a time for joy, celebration, giving, and hope …  hope for all people.

Gifts of Hope 2013 from World Help on Vimeo.

The past 6 weeks have been a journey that I was privileged to go on with you. Thank you for opening your eyes to the world around you. Thank you for being bold and courageous enough to dig deep and ask God what part He wants you to play.

I want to finish this post with the same words that completed my book – “Let’s go out and do a world of good right now!”

A Journey to Live Life Fully Awake:

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  1. Darlene Collazo
    Darlene Collazo says:

    Noel, thank you for your obedience in writing this book, and for taking us on this journey with you. Awake served as a tool to help me ‘see’ places and people I have never visited. Gifts of Hope is an awesome opportunity to take this message further. Looking forward to searching through the catalog. Asking God to show us how we can live life fully awake, where we are and with what He’s given us. Blessings!


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