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Special-Needs Home: A New Kind of Hope-Giving Care

It was incredible to celebrate the opening of our new Special-Needs Home in Guatemala several weeks ago. This new branch of Operation Baby Rescue is meeting such an urgent need in a country where an estimated 14 percent of the people are disabled—and 20-30 percent of those are special-needs children.

Kelly's HouseThe construction of this facility is an inspiration of its own. It was funded by David and Carol Loveland, in memory of their daughter Kelly who passed away from cancer in 2010. Amid the sobering loss of their daughter, David and Carol courageously reached out to invest in something that would honor Kelly. They wanted her legacy to live on in the life of others. And today, that legacy is stirring an incredible hope—the promise that some of the earth’s most helpless children will receive the care they so desperately need.

A Birthday Legacy

As a child I thought of my dad as an adventurer – Indiana Jones or Jacques Cousteau! He traveled around the world and brought me treasures from every location – wood carvings of giraffes, bracelets made out of zebra tails, and the stacking Russian matryoshka dolls.

But the best gift by far that he ever gave me … was taking me with him. I traveled overseas with my dad for the first time when I was only eleven years old to South Korea and the Philippines. It was on that trip that I first saw true poverty – both physical and spiritual. My eyes were opened, and I have never been able to close them since.

Just in time…

I can still feel the weight of his body and the tightness of his skin. I can hear his crying and whimpering in my ears. I can still see the fear and pain in his eyes. But today, all I hear is silence and all I feel is emptiness. Just days ago I was holding […]

Too late?


I found Kevin in a dusty village in Guatemala. The home where he and his 8 family members live is nothing but a dirt floor and pieces of tin, sticks and tarps that make up his roof and walls.

At first glance, from a distance, you might think that he is just a chubby toddler, but as you get closer you realize something is terribly wrong. The cancer that is eating up his body has caused his kidneys to shut down and it has been more than a week since he has been able to produce more than a few drops of urine. He is severely bloated from head to toe [ … ]

Kevin’s Rescue

Today we rescued a little boy named Kevin from a village. He is only 2 years old and has cancer. His kidneys have shut down and he is so swollen with fluid. He is literally just days from death. The local doctors have given up on him and have said there is nothing else they […]

More than we can handle

God never gives us more than we can handle. I just wish he did not trust me so much. -Mother Teresa Just when I think my heart can not break anymore, God reminds me that he is in control. Today as we were dedicating the special needs center, I was introduced to a little boy who […]

You are not forgotten

Can you ever replace the loss of a loved one? Can you ever take that pain away? I dont think you can ever replace a loved one or that the pain will ever completely go away. But, I do believe you can use that pain and that loss to make a difference. Today in Guatemala, […]


I arrived at Hope of Life today and one of the first kids I saw was Ulises. You will remember that he was the 16 year old boy I introduced you to a couple months ago. Because of severe malnutrition […]


I arrived in Guatemala yesterday with Tiffany Eriksen. Tiffany serves as our Community Engagement Leader at World Help and focuses on the Operation Baby Rescue campaign. This is her first time in Guatemala and it is always exciting to see this country through fresh eyes. Our trip was not without a little adventure – check out Tiffany’s […]