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Christian Examiner | “Hollywood is driving global sex trafficking epidemic by glamorizing porn, Christian activist says”

Hollywood’s normalization of pornography is feeding the sex trafficking industry, says Noel Yeatts, president of the anti-trafficking organization World Help. “The United States is the number one consumer of sex worldwide, and we’ve become numb enough to pornography that we’re fine with films and TV shows that glamorize this particular issue,” Yeatts told The Christian Post. “The […]

Newsmax | “7 Myths About Child Sponsorship”

If you were to spend any amount of time with me, you would quickly see that I’m passionate about a number of social justice issues plaguing our world today. But one of the first things that drew my heart, even as a teenager, was the needs of children around the world. I vividly remember traveling […]

Newsmax | Providing Girls in India With Another Option

For 500 years, one tribal group in northern India has relied on the prostitution of its oldest daughters as a key source of income. This tribe, known as the Banchara, is part of India’s lowest caste — the Dalits or “untouchables.” While all of the Banchara people suffer from discrimination, extreme poverty, and lack of […]


One word … I didn’t really choose a word for 2017. It chose me. And the word was: change. Although that seems too simple of a word. At times a better word would have been “stripped”. I read where someone wrote about a time in their life where “all that no longer fit had no choice […]

Only 25 More Girls

25 girls. Each one is a precious life that desperately needs to be introduced to Freedom. 25 names. 25 stories. 25 precious daughters, sisters, mothers…all trapped in the cultural slavery of the sex industry. This morning, I wanted to update you on our Hello, Freedom campaign. If you have been following along, you probably have […]

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