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End of Missions (part 1)

Missions is not simply a choice to go on a trip once a year or a committee to be on at church … our work and perspective should go way beyond that. This is the Christian life that we have all been called to.   

Does God Give Us More Than We Can Handle?

A doctor travels far into a remote area of Thailand to visit a hill tribe where the people of the village anxiously await his arrival. Medical help of any kind rarely reaches this community and this doctor is offering free health care services. This is something they could have never dreamed of.   When the […]

Justice For All

The word “justice” has been intriguing me for some time now. It is often misunderstood, and it is a word that can bring both fear and hope. I think many people are confused about what justice means. Some think of it simply in legal terms as someone getting what they deserve, justice being served in a courtroom.

Putting My Hands to What’s in His Heart

It is my absolute delight to introduce you to my sweet friend, and guest blogger, Susan Morris (www.susanbeth.com). Susan and her husband pastor Amplify Church in Jacksonville, FL and Susan is an active member of the Leading and Loving It community where she and I received our introduction. Susan is one of the sweetest most […]

Going Beyond the Rescue

When I began traveling to Guatemala, one of the first things I noticed was the alarmingly high rate of birth defects. Malnutrition, sickness, and poor prenatal care take a permanent toll on both the mothers and children in this impoverished nation. Disorders like cleft palates, deformities, and other handicaps are tragic for any parent . […]

Rescue a Life: Create Sustainable Hope

Baby Rescue does more than just save lives—it’s reversing the cycle of despair in Guatemala through the hope of sustainability. A child rescue is a family affair. We believe true health takes teamwork, unity, and the bond of community. Operation Baby Rescue not only saves the lives of children, but it invests in their parents as […]

Rescue Story: Marta

On my last visit to Guatemala, I met a precious baby girl who was literally snatched from death’s grip. If it hadn’t been for Operation Baby Rescue, Marta would only be a memory. Please watch her story, and see the transformational difference we can make in the life of a malnourished child. Operation Baby Rescue was launched […]

Ethiopia | Giving Mothers a New Beginning

Today, I’m in Ethiopia, home to one of the most ancient human civilizations on earth. It’s a nation made up of farmers and herdsman who have worked the land for centuries, preserving a way of life that is as beautiful as it is difficult. When we arrived, we were greeted by a crowd of smiling […]