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Noel Yeatts

My Story

Welcome friend! I’m Noel Yeatts and I describe myself as an everyday wife and mother … trying to change the world.

Whether I’m sitting at my son’s baseball game, or walking the dusty roads of Africa, my heartbeat is the same. It beats for rescue, restoration … hope.

I have spent my life traveling the world and seeing firsthand the stories of extreme poverty, disease and hunger. But, after more than 20 years in humanitarian work, I have learned that there are no easy answers or solutions and that “saving the world” is not my calling. Instead, I believe my calling is to restore hope to a hurting world … whenever and wherever I can.

I serve as the vice president of World Help, a faith-based humanitarian organization that serves the physical and spiritual needs of people in impoverished communities around the world.

I am the coauthor of two books (Children of Hope and causelife: water equals life) and debuted my new book ‘Awake: Doing a World of Good One Person at a Time’ in June 2012. As a speaker, I enjoy sharing at events across the nation at universities, churches and conferences.

My Recent Blog Posts

Finding Beauty . . . The Second Time Around

I am still troubled by the photos of the children who were murdered. The thought of it simply makes me sick to my stomach. At times, I don’t understand the world we live in. I thought I had seen enough evil in my days to simply make me numb. But unfortunately, I had not . . .

Don’t talk about Jesus dying on the cross …

A little known fact about me is that for years I played the harp. I played at weddings, church services, receptions, parties, and special events. Besides having to lug that heavy thing around, load it in and out of my car, and deal with a few crazy brides … I loved it.

I received a request one time to play at a local church. I was not familiar with this particular church or the denomination, but I agreed to play. Everything was going fine until the music minister informed me that I could not play any songs that talked about Jesus dying on the cross, or the blood of Jesus.