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Don’t talk about Jesus dying on the cross …

A little known fact about me is that for years I played the harp. I played at weddings, church services, receptions, parties, and special events. Besides having to lug that heavy thing around, load it in and out of my car, and deal with a few crazy brides … I loved it.

I received a request one time to play at a local church. I was not familiar with this particular church or the denomination, but I agreed to play. Everything was going fine until the music minister informed me that I could not play any songs that talked about Jesus dying on the cross, or the blood of Jesus.

A Reason to Celebrate

A Reason to Celebrate

The entire village is there. Dignitaries arrive. Ribbons are cut. Bands play. Fireworks go off in the background. Streamers fly up in the air. Children splash and play, and prayers of dedication are prayed.

Around the world … water is celebrated. When a new well or clean water source is provided, it is commemorated in the same way that we would celebrate a grand opening, a new building dedication, a house warming, or a birthday. It is a party!

Don’t Miss “The End” . . .

Don’t Miss “The End” . . .

I came to Africa with a group of storytellers . . . and I saw Africa through their eyes.

The power of a story is undeniable.

They give meaning to the forgotten. They shed light on what no one has seen. They breathe life into people that have been silenced by injustice and oppression [...]

Baseballs and the Language of Hope …

Baseballs and the Language of Hope …

I tried hard to explain what was going on … who these boys were in the picture and why they had sent these balls all the way to Africa. That my son was in the middle and that his friends had chosen to send these baseballs, basketballs and soccer balls instead of birthday gifts.

But, no explaining was necessary. They were boys and this was the universal language of sports that needed no interpreting or translating. They just needed room to play [...]

The Power of a Story

The Power of a Story

“It’s Jerry … It’s Jerry”. Our team had barely arrived at Destiny Villages of Hope, before I heard these words … It’s Jerry! On the steps of the Baby Rescue Center we found the young boy who had captured our hearts long before. This little guy had no idea how famous he was and seemed oblivious to the fact that so many Americans recognized him. He didn’t know that it was his story that had inspired us … it was his story that compelled us to come [...]

Extraordinary Africa | Join the Journey

After months of dreaming and planning, it’s finally here . . . our blogging journey through Africa is about to begin!

Please take a moment to view this personal video invitation from the field to see how you can follow our journey.

Lean In

Lean In

One of my favorite magazines is no longer in publication. It was called Need, and it focused on humanitarian efforts around the world. The images on its pages were breathtaking and the stories compelling. But, the motto of the magazine was what I loved: “We are not out to save the world, but to tell the stories of those who are.”

This resonated with me as I wrote my book Awake. I knew that my story was nothing more [...]

Teacup Dreams

It’s a new year … a new day … a second chance to get this thing called life right … a do over … a mulligan … a clean slate.

There is something refreshing about starting over. There is something redemptive about forgetting past mistakes and letting go. The opportunity to try again is appealing and hard to resist.

So, as I start this year over, I want to make a change. There is something that I want to do differently. Something I would like to get right … or at least try.

I want to start dreaming big – really big. For some reason [...]

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